We call us ViEWZ, because we want to see more inside our pictures

Wedding shooting is definitely full of moment, story, portrait and even artistic element. No matter in form of photojournalist or artistic way, bride and groom, relative and friends will be taken down by camera. Years later, all these pictures may recall their memory clips on that day and share with their son and daughter.

ViEWZ is a wedding photography and videography company, which has passion and spirit to creates beautiful pictures and helps every couples to keep their beautiful moments. By our explanation skills, couple's wedding story will be written down in many different and unique ways. We believes that photography has the power to be storyteller. As ViEWZ photographers & videographers, we enjoy to be the member of our couple's wedding.

Keep growing is one of the essential for ViEWZ photographers and videographers. New technology and technique is kept launching and our works is able to be better and better. Every step of life has precious moments in it.



Presenting a variety of option packages for WEDDING, PRE WEDDING, ENGAGEMENT, BIRTHDAY, FAMILY, GATHERING and others.

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